Creating an identity for your horticulture business.


Horticulture Wales branding and marketingBrands are an integral part of our everyday lives. The products we buy, the services we use, many are linked to brand names that customers will immediately relate to, in both a positive and negative way. Branding is about so much more than simply a catchy name or a recognisable logo though – it’s about values, it’s about identity, it’s about making a business stand out from the competition.

Compared to other food sectors, successful fresh produce brands are few and far between. One of the reasons for this is that growers are, on the whole, production-orientated and technical people. Many lack the knowledge and experience of how to actually develop and manage a brand.

This guide has been tailored specifically for horticultural businesses in Wales, particularly small-scale enterprises. It offers advice and guidance, case studies, and examples of best practice to help you create, launch, protect, promote, and manage a brand for your business.

The guide covers:

  • A ‘10 Steps to Create a Successful Brand’ overview
  • An introduction to brands and branding
  • How to create your brand
  • How to implement your brand
  • How to manage your brand.

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