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Explore the economic potential of 12 horticultural crops.

Horticulture Wales Crop Calculator

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  • Farmer or landowner interested in finding out whether diversifying into horticulture makes economic sense?
  • Existing grower looking to explore alternative crops and broaden your income streams?
  • New entrant to agriculture wanting to know the business opportunities on offer in horticulture?

Food and farming is one of the major priority sectors in the Welsh economy. It already contributes more than £5.2 billion a year – as well as providing 45,000 jobs – while the Welsh Government’s ‘Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020’ aims to increase this figure to £7 billion by the end of the decade.

More and more buyers of horticultural produce in Wales, from wholesalers and retailers, through to the catering and hospitality sectors, express a desire to source produce locally where possible, opening up a whole host of potential business opportunities for horticultural production.

Our Crop Calculator aims to help growers tap into this expanding market – and encourage more farmers or landowners to diversify into the sector – by helping you evaluate the potential returns of 12 horticultural crops that are capable of being grown commercially in Wales. The 12 crops represent a cross-section of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, ranging from traditional staples such as leeks and cauliflower, through to niche, high-value alternatives such as asparagus and kale.

Our easy-to use Crop Calculator will help you:

  • Quickly evaluate the economic potential for 12 horticultural crops grown in Wales
  • Make more informed decisions and aid with better business planning
  • Easily compare the possible financial returns from horticulture against other types of farming and land use
  • Identify the investment needed to produce specific crops
  • Whether you’re a grower just getting started or an established business looking to expand.

The tool offers two distinct features:

  • Quick Calculation – input your basic details such as area of land, projected yield, and price to receive a basic gross margin for each of the 12 crops
  • Detailed Calculation – input and amend your variable costs, for example labour, fertiliser, or distribution, in order to generate more robust farm-specific gross margins and breakeven prices.

Please note: The gross margins produced using the tool should be used only as a guide and are not guaranteed outputs, as the figures will obviously differ from season-to-season and from farm-to-farm.

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