Green Marketing

Showcasing the environmental and ethical aspects of your business.

Green Marketing

Horticulture Wales Green Marketing WebinarBy their very nature, many businesses in the horticulture supply chain across Wales adopt sound environmental practices and resource efficiency in their day-to-day operations. Some will grow their crops organically or without the use of pesticides, while others will do their upmost to recycle or reuse packaging and other materials, cut waste, minimise the impact of transport, or promote ideals such as local sourcing.

But few know how to capitalise on these and other similar USPs and the commercial opportunities they offer by effectively incorporating them into their marketing and promotional activities.

This two-part webinar will provide practical advice and guidance to growers and other horticulture businesses in Wales. It is led by one of the UK’s leading environmental experts, Professor Rob Holdway of the consultants Giraffe Innovation. Rob has worked with businesses of all different shapes and sizes across the UK, Europe, and further afield, including a number of top fruit and ornamental growers as part of a project for one of the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets. He has also appeared on a variety of TV shows, including presenting his own Channel 4 series ‘Dumped’.

The webinar uses real-life examples and case studies from businesses spanning several sectors to explain topics such as:

  • Does the ‘Green Consumer’ actually exist?
  • The power of branding and brand values
  • The marketing mix, including social media
  • Avoiding ‘greenwash’ by evidencing your claims.

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