Lean Production Toolkit

Principles to improve performance and operational efficiency.

Lean Production Toolkit

Horticulture Wales lean productionLean production is a globally-recognised approach used by businesses to deliver value through continuous improvement, efficiencies, and operational excellence. While its origins are in the automotive sector and in manufacturing, the horticulture industry shares many of the same characteristics, such as repetitive routine activities that produce a quality end product or output.

Lean is about doing more with less, and whether it’s the general production process, workers picking fresh produce in the fields, packaging and transportation, stock management, retail outlet layout or more, there are plenty of horticultural tasks it has relevance to.

Adopting Lean principles can positively impact:

  • Productivity
  • Costs
  • Waste
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement
  • Supply chain relationships
  • Much more!

To introduce the concept to growers and the wider supply chain in Wales, we have worked alongside Caerphilly-based Lean enterprise consultants S A Partners to develop a Lean Toolkit tailored specifically for the horticulture sector.

The toolkit outlines a variety of Lean concepts, tools, and techniques that horticulture businesses in Wales can use to analyse their processes and encourage efficiency. It also includes practical guidance and a number of case studies featuring businesses operating in the sector that demonstrate how adopting Lean has helped to improve performance.

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