Logistics Benchmarking

Ongoing assessments to improve business performance.

Logistics Benchmarking

Horticulture Wales logistics benchmarkingBenchmarking can be used by all types of business and at all scales. You are probably already doing some form of benchmarking within your business without knowing it!

Logistics benchmarking is an ongoing review process, allowing a business to asses each part of its supply chain and performance, and determine where improvements can be made. Done correctly, it is a process which can help businesses gain competitive advantage and can be a driver for implementing sustainable change and innovation.

This brief guide gives you an overview to the process and some practical advice to follow. It has been devised specifically for the horticulture sector and includes:

  • What is logistics benchmarking?
  • What is the value of logistics benchmarking?
  • How benchmarking is done
  • Examples of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to benchmark
  • Next steps
  • Where to get help.

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