NPD Toolkit

Increasing the success rate of New Product Development (NPD).

NPD Toolkit

Horticulture Wales NPD ToolkitIn horticulture, like all sectors of industry, it’s vital to innovate through the development of new products and services. New products create value by delivering original and enhanced features and benefits to end users and customers. The business benefits are simply compelling:

  • Increased sales – from existing customers spending more and/or attracting new customers
  • Enhanced customer loyalty – businesses that continually adapt and develop new products are more likely to retain customers
  • Sustainable competitive advantage – new products and services help to differentiate businesses from their competitors.

However, developing new products is not an easy process. Many new product ideas don’t ever make it to market, and for those that do, success is far from guaranteed. 

This NPD Toolkit has been produced to assist and guide Welsh horticulture businesses through the entire process. It describes a route you can follow from initial idea generation through to final product launch, focusing on four distinct stages which we have called “The Four Ds”:

  • Discover – develop credible new product ideas and concepts. This is fundamental because it will justify why consumers will need or want to buy your product
  • Define – test the feasibility of developing your product idea or concept further
  • Develop – produce and refine a prototype so that you are ready for commercial launch
  • Deliver – launch the product as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Toolkit also identifies and explains proven tools and techniques that you can use in the NPD process, highlights successful NPD case studies to provide inspiration and encouragement, and signposts to useful resources and sources of support that can help you along the way.

Instructions For Using The Toolkit

This Toolkit is not meant to guide you through a linear process. Not all businesses are the same, and similarly, not all businesses are at the same stage of the NPD process. The Toolkit is designed to be referred to as and when required – some stages may take weeks, months, or even years to get right!

  • Download the Toolkit and view it as a slideshow
  • Use the buttons and icons at the bottom left of the page to navigate between pages and zoom in and out
  • Click on hyperlinks within the document to navigate to the corresponding sections or external sources of information
  • Use the ‘Home’ button at the top right hand of each page to return back to the main contents page
  • Make sure you can answer the special ‘Checklist’ of questions at the end of each of “The Four Ds” before you proceed to the next stage of the process (page 20 for Discover; page 27 for Define; page 37 for Develop; and page 42 for Deliver)

Download ‘Tools and techniques for more successful New Product Development (NPD)’

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