Helping Welsh horticulture businesses make more informed decisions when choosing the most appropriate packaging for their produce.

Packaging for Horticulture

Packaging For HorticulturePackaging plays an essential role in the horticulture industry. From cardboard or wooden boxes to store fruit, through to plastic film coverings that lengthen the life of produce, steel trays to transport plants, and much,  much more, it has an important everyday impact for growers, retailers, and customers alike.

Packaging ensures produce can be stored and delivered safely and effectively. It is also used to provide essential product information, while it can even act as a powerful marketing or branding tool to attract customers. However, for many horticulture businesses throughout Wales – across edibles, amenity and ornamentals – packaging poses a number of challenges. Whether it’s disposing of packaging waste in an efficient way, complying (and keeping up to date) with all the relevant rules, regulations and legislation, or above all, the prohibitive costs that can be involved,  especially for small-scale growers and producers, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed.

We’ve developed our free ‘Packaging for Horticulture – A practical guide for small enterprises’ toolkit to help you and other horticulture businesses make more informed choices when choosing the most appropriate packaging for your produce. We know that each business is unique, so we aren’t promising a ‘one size fits all’ solution. But by reading our easy-to-understand guide, and following its simple step-by-step ‘Packaging Checklist’, you will be equipped with enough practical knowledge and the necessary resources to make more cost-effective and sustainable packaging decisions:

  • Overview of packaging legislation and regulations
  • Practical tips for using materials including paper, glass, metal, plastic and wood
  • Cut out and keep guide to the most common (and confusing) packaging logos or symbols
  • Links to additional business support and advice
  • Case studies outlining examples of best practice from other Welsh horticulture businesses
  • ‘Packaging Checklist’ of key questions growers should ask.

Case studies

More case studies can also be viewed at WRAP’s Resource Efficient Innovations Database (REID)

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