Biodegradable Packaging Factsheet

Environmentally sustainable packaging options.

Biodegradable Packaging Factsheet

Horticulture Wales Biodegradable packaging factsheetHorticulture Wales commissioned in-depth research with Welsh horticulture businesses and the packaging sector that led to the publication of ‘Packaging for Horticulture, a practical guide for small business’.

Among the findings, this work revealed an appetite by horticulture businesses to find out more about environmentally sustainable packaging options.

This factsheet provides practical information about biodegradable packaging. Its intention is to enable small horticulture businesses to decide if this type of packaging is suitable for their needs.

It covers:

  • What is biodegradable packaging?
  • The benefits and limitations for businesses
  • Standards and symbols
  • Biodegradable materials directory
  • Biodegradable packaging checklist.

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