Mail Order Packaging

Best practice for sending edible and ornamental produce.

Mail Order Packaging

Horticulture Wales mail order packagingFor many horticulture growers in Wales, selling via mail order is becoming an increasingly important part of their business, particularly with the rise of internet shopping.

To grow your mail-order business, packaging is a vital and highly visible ingredient. Good packaging, one could argue, is almost as important as a good product. Your packaging needs to be robust and look good on arrival. It has to be able to stand up to handling, movement, temperature and scrutiny. And it needs to keep your produce as fresh and as perky as it was when you packed it.

We’ve put together a free guide specifically for growers of edible and ornamental produce full of top tips on how to effectively use mail order packaging.

It includes:

  • Guidance on which packaging materials to use
  • Advice on branding
  • A reminder of the legal responsibilities when sending produce by post
  • Case studies from growers of edible and ornamental produce.

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