Quality Assurance

Find out about quality assurance accreditations, schemes, and standards relevant to the horticulture industry.

Quality Assurance Schemes and Standards

Horticuluture Wales Quality AssuranceAbiding by quality assurance schemes, or gaining relevant accreditation or certification, provides reassurance to both consumers and the wider supply chain that your business operates to particular standards. While many such schemes are voluntary and aimed to improve general industry standards, many businesses that edible or ornamental growers look to trade with now actually make quality assurance accreditation a mandatory criteria for its suppliers.

By achieving quality assurance certification, horticulture businesses can also assure potential customers that their products have been grown or produced to rigorous, independently-assessed standards. It also gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain an edge when trying to attract more customers.

Here are some factsheets giving a brief overview of the most relevant quality assurance schemes for the horticulture industry.

Food-Related Schemes

Organic Schemes

Ornamental Schemes

Environmental Schemes

Miscellaneous Schemes

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