Water Management

Advice and guidance to improve water efficiency and water quality.

Water Management

Horticulture Wales Water Management Factsheet and WebinarAccess to a reliable source of water is crucial to the ongoing growth of the horticulture sector in Wales, whether it’s required for crop irrigation, processing, or more. However, population growth and climate change are placing – and will continue to place – increased pressures on both water availability and quality.

Because of its very nature, horticulture can be a particularly water-intensive industry. Indeed, 2011 research by WRAP into the largest agricultural abstractors of water in England and Wales revealed that horticulture was the second largest abstractor, mainly due to the amount of water used for spray irrigation.

Improving water management in the Welsh horticulture sector through better planning can increase resilience during times of drought or flood, ensure nutrient retention and watercourse protection, and lead to savings through reduced wastage. To aid with this, we have developed a dedicated ‘Water Management For Horticulture Factsheet’ packed with useful information and practical advice.

It includes:

  • The main legislative and regulatory requirements growers in Wales need to comply with
  • Practical tips to improve water efficiency
  • Advice and guidance to enhance water quality
  • Case studies and examples of best practice
  • Assistance for developing water management plans.

Water Management Webinar

To enhance the information included in the factsheet, we have also recorded a special online webinar with Kate Ody, Senior Consultant at Ricardo AEA, an environmental consultancy that has worked on projects for organisations such as the Environment Agency, DEFRA, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Kate has more than a decade’s relevant industry experience and brings particular knowledge in the area of water quality.

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