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Plenty Of New Content To Help Horticulture Businesses

11 August 2015

It’s been a busy few final weeks of the current Horticulture Wales project, and you may have missed some of the informative content that’s been uploaded to our website. Here’s a snapshot of what you might have missed…

Horticulture Wales contentBranding

Tailored specifically for small-scale horticulture businesses, our in-depth ‘Create Your Brand’ report covers everything you’ll need to create, implement, and manage a brand identity.

Mobile Technologies

With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly influential in our lives, it’s vital that horticulture businesses are aware of the opportunities such technologies offer, both to reach out to potential new customers, and to help improve their day-to-day operations.

We’ve put together a review of mobile phone apps currently available for the horticulture sector, and conducted research to see what other areas where apps could prove beneficial. We’ve also produced a beginner’s guide to QR codes too.


As a follow up to our previous work on packaging, we’ve put together two very specific guides. The first is a handy factsheet providing practical guidance on environmentally-friendly biodegradable packaging materials. In addition, we’ve developed a handy guide about mail order packaging specifically for growers who sell through the post or online.

Logistics Benchmarking

The process of benchmarking – improving performance by the ongoing analysis and review of operations – is a well-proven way boost businesses, but how can it be used in the horticulture sector, particularly with small-scale growers? We’ve put together ‘Logistics Benchmarking in a Nut Shell’ to show you how!

Lean Production

With its origins in the automotive and manufacturing industries, lean production is a globally-recognised approach to improving business performance and efficiency. But how is it relevant to horticulture? We’ve devised a special toolkit that provides an overview of lean concepts, tools, and techniques, as well as examples of best practice to follow from a range of edible and ornamental horticulture businesses.


Sustainability and environmental best practice are two key issues for the horticulture supply chain to consider. We’ve recorded two informative webinars where we pick the brains of two industry experts. The first webinar covers water management (water quality and water efficiency), while the second explores the concept of green marketing and how businesses can capitalise on their environmental and ethical credentials.

Bedfordshire Growers Study Tour Video

Finally, we recently led a group of vegetable growers on a study tour to Bedfordshire Growers, one of the UK’s largest vegetable co-operatives. Here are some video highlights of our visit

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