It may be tempting to pull them out as they wither, but flower like teasels, sunflowers and thistle provide a vital food source for birds like goldfinches and other finches during the autumn #GardeningTips #TuesdayThoughts

Autumn is nearly here, and winter will soon be on the way! Give your local garden birds a helping hand to get fat for winter with our selection of wild bird food and feeders! #WildlifeGarden #winteriscoming #MondayMotivation

We bust the myths on food waste recycling!
Did you know, you can #recycle ALL food waste?
Good job more and more families in Wales are recycling their food waste.
Find out more about food recycling at:

Ariennir y rhaglen gan Gronfa Amaethyddol Ewropeaidd ar gyfer Datblygu Gwledig yr Undeb Ewropeaidd (GAEDG-UE).  Ariennir hefyd gan Llywodraeth Cymru.

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