Join one of our clusters

We’re aiming to encourage collaboration, knowledge exchange and raise the profile of Welsh Horticulture by forming clusters.

We have four clusters you can become a member of:

If you want to know more about clusters, or how they’re relevant to Horticulture here in Wales we recommend you read this – What does Horticulture Wales have in common with Swiss watches and Jazz?

Please join the relevant clusters if:

  • You’re already growing in Wales
  • You want to grow in Wales
  • Or, are you’re part of a supply chain which could benefit Welsh-grown produce

To join any of our clusters you must first be a member of Horticulture Wales. If you aren’t already a member it only takes 2 minutes to join here.

As a cluster member you can expect:

Join our latest cluster here:

Wales Herbs and Spices ClusterThe Vale of Clwyd Denbigh Plum ClusterThe Wales National Heritage Orchard ClusterThe Short Supply Chain Cluster

As a Wales Herbs and Spices Cluster Member you can expect: