The Vale of Clwyd Denbigh Plum Cluster

The Vale of Clwyd Denbigh Plum Cluster facilitates the successful establishment of a grower/producer cluster following the recently awarded Protected Designation of Origin Status (PDO) status.

This Cluster was developed at a time when the Denbigh Plum was in the process of receiving its PDO status, achieved through our colleagues in ADAS. Horticulture Wales agreed to host a launch event at a venue where there was a newly planted plum orchard, the Llaeth y Llan Dairy in Llanefydd, just outside Denbigh and fund the speakers on the day. Fay Francis of ADAS told the journey of achieving PDO status and Peter James, of Swansea Trading Standards gave a talk on legal compliance in relation to produce. Horticulture Wales, in conjunction with ADAS, produced a grower pack, available for all growers and producers, to give guidelines on all aspects of compliance in respect of PDO status. It will be available for anyone to download.

Denbigh Plum Horticulture Wales Grower Pack