Join one of our clusters

Why join one of our clusters? 

  • If you have a passion for Welsh produce
  • If you are a small Welsh business looking to network & expand your Welsh produce & knowledge
  • If you are looking to grow or already grow produce in Wales
  • Or if you just have a keen interest in Growing

One of our main aim’s for horticulture Wales is to encourage collaboration, knowledge exchange and raise the profile of Welsh Horticulture by forming clusters.

Facilitate Cluster member collaboration and blending growing technology with traditional methods.

We have four clusters you can become a member of:

If you want to know more about clusters, or how they’re relevant to Horticulture here in Wales we recommend you read this – What does Horticulture Wales have in common with Swiss watches and Jazz?

Please join the relevant clusters if:

  • You’re already growing in Wales
  • You want to grow in Wales
  • Or, are you’re part of a supply chain which could benefit Welsh-grown produce

To join any of our clusters you must first be a member of Horticulture Wales. If you aren’t already a member it only takes 2 minutes to join here.

As a cluster member you can expect:

Join a cluster

    Niche Crops ClusterThe Vale of Clwyd Denbigh Plum ClusterThe Wales National Heritage Orchard ClusterThe Short Supply Chain Cluster