“This is my dream”

We met Alan Jones at 5 Acre Nursery in Tal-y-Bont.

Alan, 69, has been running his nursery in the Conwy Valley for 10 years.

At the nursery and market garden, Alan grows herbs, bedding, vegetables, and perennials and also has a selection of fruit trees, hanging baskets, and pots.

As a sustainable business, Alan reuses his waste for compost and said his main line of business is plants, rather than vegetables.
“This site used to be a market garden, which is why the fruit trees are here. When I first came, we grew tomatoes and cucumbers, but that is quite labour intensive. It takes time to grow. There is more trade in plants because you can grow them in a tray, and they take less space, too,” he said.

“But autumn is a quieter time for me as I’m busiest in spring with bedding plants. Then, I’m busy pottering about. I’ve always loved gardening. I must have been about 10-years-old when we first had a garden and I used to help my mum.”
He added: “This is my dream. I have always wanted to run a nursery.”

For more information, find 5 Acre Nursery on Facebook or visit www.5acrenurseries.co.uk