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Hydroponic systems – Northop

The systems we use: Self watering system- Grow pots NFT (Nutrient film technique) NFT- Drainpipe Kratky Aeroponics Flood and Drain system    

Reducing waste at retail

Minimising waste at the retail stage is vital for sustainability and profitability. Cost is added at each stage of the supply chain, so losses at this final step are more expensive than at any other point. This guide is aimed… Read more »

Carbon footprinting for growers

Carbon footprinting for growers Tackling climate change is one of the top priorities for governments across the globe. The Welsh Government has signalled its determination to address the issue through a Climate Emergency Declaration made in April 2019. In addition,… Read more »

Water in Horticulture: a practical guide

Introduction Rainfall in Wales varies widely. The highest rainfall is in the central upland areas from the Brecon Beacons to Snowdonia (where average annual totals exceed 3000 mm). Coastal areas and North East Wales by contrast, receive less than 1000… Read more »