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Value added processing: a practical guide

Value added processing Value addition is the transformation of a raw commodity or commodities into a processed product through the use of raw materials, labour, time and technology, all blended in a way that ensures increased economic return. Value added… Read more »

Water in Horticulture: a practical guide

Introduction Rainfall in Wales varies widely. The highest rainfall is in the central upland areas from the Brecon Beacons to Snowdonia (where average annual totals exceed 3000 mm). Coastal areas and North East Wales by contrast, receive less than 1000… Read more »

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Grading and packing: a practical guide

Grading is the process of sorting produce into different categories, for example size, shape, colour, freedom from pest and disease damage. Its purpose is to ensure that produce that goes on to market meets defined regulatory and retailer criteria. Understanding… Read more »

Grower Pack: The Vale of Clwyd Denbigh Plum

Horticulture Wales, in conjunction with ADAS, produced a grower pack, available for all growers and producers, to give guidelines on all aspects of compliance in respect of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. This pack is available as a download… Read more »